Eligible program participants include:

  • All sworn and retired law enforcement officers – local, county and state and federal
  • Active and reserve duty personnel of the U.S. Military
  • Honorably retired veterans of the U.S. Military
  • All corrections officers, including parole and probation officers
  • Licensed paramedics, EMTs and Firefighters
  • Employees of state or city-licensed security companies
  • Court judges, district attorneys and deputy district attorneys
  • All Transportation Security Administration employees and federal flight deck officers
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  • 509 MRD-LE3

    FN America

    509 MRD-LE3

    The FN 509 MRD-LE delivers more precision and versatility than any other duty-rated handgun. Buildin

    MSRP: $729.00
  • FN PS90

    FN America

    FN PS90

    Chambered in the 5.7x28mm cartridge, the FN PS90(R) utilizes blowback operation and fires from a clo

    MSRP: $1,949.00
  • FN 509

    FN America

    FN 509

    The FN 509 is built on the proven architecture of the FNS Compact. FN made changes internally and ex

    MSRP: $721.00